Flow Festival – Day 2

So second day of Flow!  At first upon my arrival to the festival area the weather was soaking hot like you couldn’t believe, like the hottest day of summer, in August. Right! I got to the Bright Balloon 360• stage and Max Jury was playing. I was not familiar with his music from before and I only got to hear two of his songs, but man was I intrigued. The artist has an amazing presence and he was singing the most sweetest love songs, with some kind of je ne sais quoi special ingredient. The band is from the US and I will definitely start going through their production into more depth in the very near future. Next up was Sparks, also from the US. Their gig was original and quirky. It was funny how I imagined that they were from the UK, there was definitely more like this English vibe to their music, and later I learned that the bandmembers have actually lived there for extensive periods of time. Their genre is somekind of mixture between glamrock and pop. I listened to a few songs and carried on to the Resident Advisor Front Yard. This is a bohemian corner for people who love electronic music. The spot consists of containers, built to bars and the stage, with trees and fairylights surrounding the place. Soichi Terada was playing Japanese techno, with influences from the 90’s. The music was cheery, the artist spoke on this space robot voice on top of the songs, sang in Japanese and you could hear these old video game sounds at the back of the beat. That’s when the storm hit! You can see from this first picture that I am standing between a container and the Flow office building. The building had a tiny veranda. The alley between these two structures is ridiculously small, I saw a guy go there before it started to rain and I thought he was probably staff because no one else would pay attention, let alone know a secret alleyway like this. I forgot about it, but I still stood somewhere in its near distance. But someone else had spotted the alleyway too. Rain started falling. I was listening to the gig when a guy next to me ushered me and some other people under the shelter. I have not seen a rainstorm like this in Finland in a long time. It was wild and felt like somekind of tropical typhoon. Me and a bunch of other guys were standing there for ages, but it felt like five minutes because it was so exciting, everyone was dry and comfy at this perfect spot for shelter and I actually met a lot of new people whilst waiting for the rain to stop. It sort of quieted down a bit and my new friends brought me a rainjacket and we went and listened to Jon Hopkings start his show. His electronic tunes were intensive and robust. We danced through the whole gig and then it was time for Inga Mauer, a Russian DJ with the most adorable rosa colored bobcut. Her music was fun, dancable, rhytmic electro. We only listened to a couple of tracks, because we were going to see Nina Kraviz. The queue to her gig was mindbogglingly long though so we gave up and went hovering around the black tent, which was closed for maintnance. The rain changed the schedules a bit and no one was allowed to go in before the staff had fixed back the power, ligthing and the stage. Bicep, an electronic music duo from the UK was up next. A heard of people were hanging out outside the black tent and were so eager to get in because of the rain. What is comical about these unfortunate weather circumstances is that people come together. When times are tough, people find ways to lighten up the spirit. We had a nice time chatting away, I met people from all around the world and finally it was time for the gig to start. We were not dissapointed. A major moodlifter. Some guys had taken these huge red balloons inside the tent and we were all dancing away like never before. The rest of the evening went to grabbing some food and listening to The xx play their dreamy lyrics.



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